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11:31:00 AM

If you are like me, you experience FOMO a.k.a Fear Of Missing Out!

Oh yeah it sucks quite bad. But there is a way to decrease it's symptoms...

And It Is Very Easy!!!

I mean you just have to GOMO...





I know you did not expect that.. But yeah that will fix the problem or as I said before at least decrease it!

Anyway, I myself spend a lot of time watching netflix, way to much time if you ask me. However, now whenever I can I go out to any event that is happening in my area, whether it is at my current school campus, or my old high school is hosting an event.

This year I have attended most of my old high school's football games! It was amazing! I could see many of my younger friends, my teachers and most of all I have had hella fun there!

Don't regret a minute of it! Just wish the season wasn't over yet because it was so much fun to watch and support our team!

Guys honestly just Get Out More Often, it doesn't hurt and you might experience something totally awesome! If you would like to see what cool events are hosted in the area near you that will help you GOMO, check out Eventbrite! The really dope part is the fact that you can even create your own events to encourage others to GOMO with you! So make sure you Get Out More Often and have fun!

Love ya all!


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