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11:04:00 AM

I love swimsuits! I have always been more of a bikini person and not one piece swimwear person until this year.

This year one piece swimwear has been quite popular. The site Adore Me has inspired me to write a post about swimsuits. I checked out the site because they had one piece swimsuits and that's what I've been looking for too (perfect timing). I fell in love with the styles of swimsuits that they have. 

I used to think one pieces were just boring and that they wouldn't look good on me. I can believe how wrong I used to be. 

Do you guys enjoy this type of swimwear or do you adore bikinis more (you can find them on the site too)? I encourage you to check this website out if you are interested.

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  1. Great choose! For me, the summer could last the whole year!

    blog: www.giustinella.blogspot.com
    instagram: www.instagram.com/givstinella
    twitter: www.twitter.com/giustinella

  2. Beautiful swimsuits!


  3. Śliczne stroje :)

    Mój blog
    Odwdzięczam się za obserwacje :)


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